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About Us


Change the streams of capital to change the world. We are dedicated to spreading the right knowledge and experience in practicing and verifying innovative ideas of which are to generate greater values throughout our economy and society. We volunteer to take the initiative in making our economy and society sustainable in cooperation with government, enterprises and citizens.

About Pan-Impact Korea

Pan-Impact Korea was founded in February 2015 by individuals pursuing realization of social values via impact investments and public policy innovation.

Pan-Impact Korea has taken a meaningful first step by taking the role of the intermediary of the first social impact bond in Asia region.

Our intrinsic assets and competitiveness come from specialized knowledge and unique experience of which enable Pan-Impact Korea to design outcome based policies, study related systems, and also to provide corporations with enlarged opportunities for social contributions and investments.

With these expertise, Pan-Impact Korea will continue creating sustainable financial base for both public and private sectors, and will further establish a cooperative system which maximizes innovative social problem solving.

By facilitating accumulated outcomes and spreading the knowledge, we are to change the systems and regime in order to make contribution to the progress of our society and world.

Pan-Impact Korea is the first designing & intermediary agency of SIBs in Korea (and in Asia region).

Pan-Impact Korea was established with the purpose of realization of social values by fostering the expansion of pubic projects and impact investments utilizing Social Impact Bonds(SIBs).

As the nation’s first SIB intermediary, we possess integrated abilities, experiences and know-how needed for the introduction of SIBs including policy proposal, system contribution, social expense quantification, capital raising, managing and supporting the projects.

Pan-Impact Korea is the secretariat of 「Social Impact Bond Local Government Council of Korea」.

The SIB Local Government Council of Korea is the administrative consultative council defined in the Local Autonomy Act. The Council is the public organization established to provide consultations about SIBs and introduction of related policies, as well as to build partnerships among local governments.

As the secretariat of the council, Pan-Impact Korea is playing a pivotal role in creating public policies and expansion of the SIBs across the nation.

Pan-Impact Korea is realizing smart impact investing through blockchain technology.

Combining blockchain technology with SIBs, Pan-Impact Korea had developed the first SIB smart contract, called “smart SIB”, and it improved stakeholders’ benefits and intermediation method of SIBs.

Pan-Impact Korea is the innovative company that experiments and practices new ideas to expand impact through technology combined social projects.

Pan-Impact Korea has independent & comprehensive in-house expertise in SIBs as the pioneer in the nation.

The members of Pan-Impact Korea first proposed SIB policy to Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2011. Since then, we have carried out various important roles and tasks to actualize and expand SIBs in Korea.

We have suggested SIB policies to governments, supported establishing SIB ordinances, designed SIB projects, operated the Asia’s first SIB project, developed the world’s first smart SIB, provided consultancy to governments, provided education & training, and so on. In every phase, we have been contributing to the realization of SIBs and leading the market with knowledge and innovative ideas.

Pan-Impact Korea is impact investing & social finance advisory company.

Pan-Impact Korea possesses various knowledge and business abilities in related industry as impact investing specialists and policy development experts are participating in our company as partners.

We undertake number of services including pay-for-success consulting, research, education and work for legislation as well as measuring and quantifying social values.